iPhone 6 and LG G3 are the best mobiles of the year #MW ...

iPhone 6 and LG G3 are the best mobiles of the year #MW …

March 4, 2015

The official awards of the Mobile World Congress have recognized Apple iPhone 6 and LG G3 as the best smartphones of the year. Without breaking its rule, the apple company was not present at the delivery gala and, therefore, has not collected the award, given to its latest telephony novelty for combining excellent design and performance, as highlighted by the jury. The Apple phone shares the recognition with LG G3, of which its affordability has been underlined, even if it is a high-end terminal. In the low cost mobile category –with a price below $ 100- the winner was Motorola Moto E.

The jury of the Mobile Global Awards has decided that the best application of all the nominees is IFTTT, a project born in San Francisco. Its acronym stands for If This Then That. The Spanish translation would be something like “If this happens, do that.” It is used to create rules taking into account various applications.

Many of the large firms in the sector, whose representatives were among the public, have left the Mobile Global Awards happy. Microsoft has seen its Surface Pro 3 tablet recognized as the best of the year for convincing “to leave the PC behind without regrets,” according to the jury. In the wearables category, the winner has been the Motorola 360 smart watch. Huawei has won in the best mobile infrastructure theme for a system that improves the Wi-Fi connection. Samsung has been recognized in the security category for its KNOX platform.

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