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April 8, 2015

Among the novelties of this version we find a redesign of the menu dedicated to emoticons -emoji characters-. Adapting to the standards proposed by the body dedicated to this issue, Apple has introduced a large number of new “faces” that, among other changes, introduce new skin colors.

Now, it is not the only change that comes, but Apple has also introduced new languages ​​for its virtual assistant Siri, which with each launch also gains functions and commands that Apple, on the other hand, decides not to specify.

As always, Apple has modified the lines of code of its software, based on reports from users and developers, to optimize the stability and performance of their mobile devices, as well as to solve problems with WiFi, Bluetooth and some keyboards developed by third parties.

As for its messaging service, iMessage, Apple has introduced an option to report SPAM, as well as filter messages that do not come from our contacts.

via iOS 8.3 available with new emoticons, languages ​​for Siri and more.

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