Investors ask Apple to buy Tesla and Tim ...

Investors ask Apple to buy Tesla and Tim …

March 11, 2015

Apple held its annual investor meeting yesterday and of course, with all those rumors about Project Titan and the company’s entry into the automotive world, no one was surprised when not one, but two shareholders intervened to ask Tim Cook if he could Consider acquiring Tesla Motors, the popular electric car maker based just a few miles from Cupertino.

Cook could have just said no, but in a rather suspicious way, actually, he resorted to some evasion instead that drew laughter from the audience. “We don’t really have a relationship with them,” he said before recalling that the major brands in the industry have committed to CarPlay and acknowledging that he hopes Tesla will also get on the bandwagon soon.

via Investors ask Apple to buy Tesla.

  • Apple is totally not buying Tesla – so don’t even ask
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