Invepal dedicates a collection of notebooks to Canaima ...

Invepal dedicates a collection of notebooks to Canaima …

October 23, 2014

invepal_568x312The Canaima notebooks and notebooks collection belongs to the last series of notebooks to be produced during 2014, and joins another group of covers for educational purposes such as the National Ephemerides, Thoughts of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, Symbols Patrios, Por la Peace, Recycling and Frutichicas

As part of the strategy to raise awareness of the use of Free Information Technologies (IT), the Venezuelan Endogenous Paper Industry (Invepal), attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Industries, together with the National Center for Information Technologies (CNTI) , attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology (Mppeuct), developed a series of notebooks and notebooks with eight designs dedicated to Free Software, the Canaima GNU / Linux meta-distribution and the Canaima Educativo project.

“The collection has been very receptive. Invepal raised the need to use the products we manufacture as a means to sensitize and educate people on certain issues. In this case, we wanted to promote the use of Free Information Technologies through Canaima GNU / Linux Free Software and the Canaima Educativo project ”, highlighted Álvaro Castro, representative of the industry.

The graphic designers of the CNTI and Invepal worked on the production of the eight covers alluding to Canaima GNU / Linux, in which the Venezuelan nature and the collective construction of this operations system loaded on more than 3 million laptops delivered to students of the Venezuelan educational system and used in the National Public Administration.

These notebooks were manufactured in a 160 and 200-page version in a single-line, double-line and squared format, with an initial production of 100,000 units that will be extended to 400,000. The material has been distributed in school fairs, as well as in the 29 distribution centers that Invepal has in the national territory.

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