Internet penetration in Venezuela reaches 50% of …

November 4, 2014

The Vice President for Planning and Knowledge, Ricardo Menéndez and the Minister of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology, and President of Cantv, Manuel Fernández, participated in the event for the 14th anniversary of the Infocentros Foundation, held in the auditorium of the Military Academy at Fort Tiuna.

During the activity, the authorities reflected on some indicators in the access to telecommunications and the use of electrical appliances that reveal the sustained growth of tools that guarantee a better quality of life, during the Bolivarian Government, a period in which the nationalization of Cantv is included. in 2007.

Menéndez explained that “in 1990, 74% of the population had refrigerators; currently 88% own this appliance and we are on our way to 100%. From the Internet we come from 3% and we are at 50% penetration, while in mobile telephony we are at 107% ”.

Minister Fernández recalled that “today more than 3.5 million children and young people have a laptop in their hands, delivered through the Canaima educational project.” Additionally, in terms of telephony and Internet, the service has also been extended. “After the nationalization of Cantv, it has been consolidating itself as the first option for broadband Internet service in the country, reaching 2,217,065 subscribers, until July of this year,” he said.

During the celebration of the anniversary of the Infocentros Foundation, the authorities formalized the transfer of 22 new centers to the Popular Power. With these there are 204 Infocentros that are managed directly by the community.

Source: Cantv

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