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August 11, 2014

The concept of “Internet of Things” is closely linked to today’s online life. Currently, most digital content is generated by humans (emails, tweets, social media posts, etc.). However, the Internet of Things is called the huge parallel network of non-human objects that are beginning to be interconnected. A whole new family of computers and automated applications that interact with each other.

These are devices that will generate new business models and ways of doing things that are and will be revolutionary for many industries. For some types of companies this is still perceived as something very distant, but for others – an increasing portion – it is already 100% reality, such as the financial industry. It is not an estimate less than 60% of the world’s financial transactions are already automated decisions that are resolved quickly, without the need for human intervention.

If we talk about specific cases in Latin America, we must say that recently the Government of the City of Rio de Janeiro built a Research and Development Center based on the automated analysis of large volumes of information (Big Data). EMC is collaborating with the Research and Development Center and the Data Scientist team to develop a suite of solutions based on big data and the Internet of Things.

Another example is EMC developments to provide solutions for the hydrocarbon industry to be smarter in its search for new oil fields. This is purely the Internet of Things.

In this way, companies become more efficient in reducing costs and managing resources, reducing loss and greatly accelerating their ROI. This change is imminent because traditional IT models, which have structured database systems and vertical servers, do not have scalability and have serious difficulties in solving problems.

The Internet of Things has great potential, but for the transition to be effective it is essential to work on the development of new solutions. The organizations of the future will need to recover today, the beginnings of digital businesses, in the same way that in the beginning companies had to develop their own codes and programs. The radical advantage is that we are never prepared to do it before. The Digital Universe challenges us and that is why EMC was thought and redefined as a new organization focused on the permanent improvement of its IT platforms and infrastructures. With innovation, investment and strategic decisions that allow to take the results of the clients to the highest levels, to continue being the world leaders.

The IT area becomes the most strategic area within an organization. The one that determines the potential, the opportunities for growth and value generation of a company. Which contributes to increasing efficiency and reducing costs at the same time. In short, the one that gets more done, with less.

By Rodrigo Gazzaneo, Executive Briefing Center Senior Manager at EMC

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