International forum on nanot begins in Venezuela ...

International forum on nanot begins in Venezuela …

October 27, 2014

The NanoSUR-2014 forum, sponsored by the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research Ivic, begins here today as a space to promote cooperation in Nanotechnology between Latin American and Caribbean countries. Researchers, institutions and networks that work with updated information on the subject will participate in the event, according to its organizers.

The meeting will also allow the exchange of recent studies related to those particles only visible through high-tech equipment, says Ivic.

More than 90 local and foreign specialists will participate in the forum, and many of their presentations will focus on the applications of these studies in the continent and the Caribbean.

In addition, the program includes the nanoSur Community meeting, the III International Seminar on Nanotechnology and Latin American Society, the Workshop on Bases for Sustainable Development and the Venezuelan congress on this matter.

Talks, plenary sessions, work tables and the exhibition of posters are part of the planned activities. One of the sessions will be dedicated to disseminating the benefits of nanotechnology in educational communities and public spaces.

NanoSUR-2014, which will conclude on October 31, is sponsored by the Ministry of University Education, Science and Technology; the IVIC and the Venezuelan Technology Network.

The event is also supported by the National Science, Technology and Innovation Fund and the National Science, Technology and Innovation Observatory.

via Noticias de Prensa Latina – International forum on nanotechnology begins in Venezuela.

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