Inter wants to maximize the customer experience with ...

Inter wants to maximize the customer experience with …

April 13, 2015

MiTV is an exclusive Inter channel to showcase the best, the most innovative and interesting that all the channels of the programming grid offer, in a dynamic and close way. The objective of the channel is to enrich the experience of Inter customers when watching television, allowing them to discover and decide what they want to watch, according to their preferences, highlighting the time and the channel through which they will be able to enjoy.

MiTV has capsule-type programs designed to establish a connection with users, through successful and innovative recommendations for home entertainment. Ángela Acosta, Ignacio Benedetti, Arnaldo Albornoz, Bárbara Sánchez and Octavio Sasso, are some of the talents who daily bring Inter clients, through this exclusive signal, the most important and acclaimed events in the television industry, premieres , end of season, special episodes, series marathons, movies, concerts, behind the scenes, awards and more.

“We want to maximize the entertainment experience for our customers. At Inter we offer thousands of hours of programming per month ranging from series, movies and sporting events. There are hundreds of channels and among so many options it can be difficult to choose what to watch, that is why now our clients have an exclusive channel that will help them choose what best suits their tastes and preferences, as well as discovering options that perhaps before they went unnoticed among so many ”, said Orly Vila Vice President of Marketing at Inter.

The MiTV signal is found on channel 14 for Cable customers and on channels 1, 20, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000 for Inter Satelital customers.

Image: antoniodiaz via Shutterstock

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