Intel SSD 670p 740x407 0

Intel is forced to reduce the price of its 670p SSDs as soon as they are launched on the market

Last Monday we announced the launch of the Intel SSD 670p, the new low-mid-range storage units from Intel, and although we already indicated that they were arriving at quite high prices for the performance they offered, because basically the reviews made a lot of sense, since just two days after the launch of these SSDs, the stores began to apply a price reduction to the units.

While the Intel SSD 670p went on sale at prices of 90 dollars (512GB), 155 dollars (1TB) and 330 dollars (2TB), the units are now listed at prices of 70, 130 and 250 dollars respectively, that is, they have applied discounts of 20, 25 and 80 dollars, which makes clear the huge cost overrun they reached the market and that Intel has had to adjust prices on the fly.

Intel SSD 670p 740x407 0

Intel announced the launch of its 670p SSD, and here we are before a conventional M.2 NVMe SSD, that is, nothing from an Intel Optane drive. With a classic M.2-2280 format, and with the PCI-Express 3.0 x4 interface, this is a unit that makes use of memory chips of QLC NAND Flash manufactured by Intel (before selling everything to SK Hynix) with a design of 144 floors together with an 8-channel controller Silicon MotionSM22-65G along with 256 MB of DDR3L DRAM memory in the form of cache.

All of this translates into sequential read speeds of up to 3500 MB / s for the 2 TB and 1 TB capacity drives, while the respective random write is up to 2700 MB / s Y up to 2500 MB / s. Behind we have a 512 GB model that sees its maximum reading speed limited up to 3000 MB / s, which is not bad at all, but his writing already falls more considerably up to 1600 MB / s. If we talk about useful life, then respectively we are facing units with a useful life of 740, 370 and 185 TB of written data backed by a 5-year warranty.

via: TechPowerUp