Instagram introduces Bolt to compete with Snapchat

Instagram introduces Bolt to compete with Snapchat

July 29, 2014

Bolt is part of the one-tap concept through which we can send images or photos to our friends quickly that disappear from the recipient’s device once they have been viewed. According to users who have already been able to test the application, both the design and the functionality of Bolt is based on the Taptalk messaging application, or at least it is quite close to it, being much simpler -in terms of interface- than Snapchat.

Instagram joins the fashion of ephemeral messaging to compete with Snapchat With Bolt we can send ‘ephemeral images’ by simply tapping on the face of one of our friends, and part of its operation is based on the direct of Instagram itself, with the exception that the images disappear from the recipient terminal once viewed or after the time defined by the user. It also includes a very interesting feature such as the ability to undo a Bolt just by shaking our iPhone.

via Instagram introduces Bolt to compete with Snapchat.

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