Infrared port is back in fashion Do you know for ...

Infrared port is back in fashion Do you know for …

April 4, 2014

samsung infraredA phenomenon that we saw grow last year, with companies like HTC, LG and Samsung taking into account that their main phones had to have an infrared port. This 2014 does not seem very different, and if we review the offer of important phones, from almost all manufacturers, there are reasons to think that it is something that has come to stay.

The infrared port was very present in the past, but we forgot it. It was common to find Palm, Windows Mobile or Symbian phones, with the aforementioned transmitter and receiver, since it could be used as a communication port, and the system had to be bidirectional. We could even see more affordable Nokia phones with the desired port.

You already know the most recent story, safer, faster and more stable short-range connectivity technologies began to flourish, such as Bluetooth. But this year the charge is back with the infrared port, as you can see in the list of terminals that we share.

The key is that it is functional with televisions, or set-top-boxes, and is a cheap technology to implement. It is striking to find a disruptive element in a design trend where there are fewer and fewer elements, and those that exist are highly integrated, such as batteries or closed cases.

via The infrared port is back in fashion, what is it for and in which models do we find it?

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