Increasingly frequent theft of credit card data ...

Increasingly frequent theft of credit card data …

January 12, 2014

target-storeOn December 18, the well-known US retailer Target Corp reported that hackers had stolen the data of 40 million credit and debit cards from buyers who visited its stores during the start of the Christmas shopping season, between November 27 and on December 15, 2013. These cards are now being sold on the black market to be cloned and make purchases with them or withdraw money at ATMs fraudulently.

The company has not specified how the hackers have carried out this attack and is investigating it together with the US Secret Service, although its sales terminals are believed to have been compromised. This type of attack and robbery is on the rise in recent years and seriously worries the authorities.

The largest known data theft, a theft of 130 million credit card numbers, was from payment processing company Heartland in 2009. It is followed by discount retailer TJ Maxx who stole data on 94 million credit cards. customers. A recent similar case is that of Barnes & Noble, which occurred in October last year, where its terminals were also compromised. Data theft is becoming widespread and large companies are being affected, companies from the Sony Online Entertainment (PSN) entity, Ubisoft, Facebook, LinkedIn and eHarmony.

One hypothesis that is being considered in the Target Corp robbery is that the cybercriminals would have compromised the software installed in point-of-sale terminals of their physical stores. The attack does not appear to have affected its online store.

via The theft of credit card data in stores is more and more frequent | PandaLabs Blog.

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