Motorola exits the smartwatch segment [Q.E.P.D]

In [Video] this is how the Moto 360 works

July 29, 2014

Google I / O 2014 is the most important annual conference for Google developers, and in it, the main protagonist has been Android, in all its versions. Android Wear, Google’s platform for wearables, did not come alone, it came in the company of three smart watches that look very promising; one from LG, one from Samsung, and one from Motorola, the latter being the public’s favorite.

Moto 360 running on Android Wear immediately becomes a direct extension of our Android smartphone on our wrist. In it, we can see an infinity of notifications of all kinds, from our agenda for the day and the messages we receive, to consult information on Google. And of course, it also tells the time.

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