In [Video] the electronic book is consolidated as the …

August 8, 2014

The ebook or electronic book, is consolidated as the preferred format by readers, at least in the United States. Large bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble see publishers earn more for electronic formats than for paper volumes.

During 2013 there was the definitive change in the balance between the sales of digital and paper books and this probably has no turning back. For the first time the ebook surpassed the “analog” book. While ebooks sold a total of $ 7.54 billion in the United States, paper books sold $ 7.12 billion.

The difference is not much but it is the confirmation of a trend that has been manifesting itself for some years now, and it seems difficult for the market evolution to reverse. On the contrary, next year we will surely see how that gap will increase in favor of the ebook.

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