In Venezuela they will open a national consultation to receive …

September 22, 2014

In the next few days, a national consultation will be held to assess the current situation of public procedures, a process with which an inventory of the most cumbersome procedures will be obtained and proposals will be received from the people to improve the internal procedures of public management.

This was reported in an interview with the program José Vicente Hoy, which broadcasts on Sundays Televen, the Unique National Authority for Procedures and Permits, Dante Rivas.

He explained that the consultation will allow the people to receive experiences, concerns and proposals to improve and reduce the processes to manage a procedure in the public administration offices.

“That will allow us what are the processes that we must review and learn from the people themselves what their proposals are, we must go to them because they are the ones who live the process,” said Rivas.

Rivas reiterated that the main objective of his management points towards the creation of a new model that allows users to carry out procedures easily, quickly and transparently.

“Fighting corruption is not just about putting the manager in prison, the best way to end corruption is by attacking the causes for which the citizen turns to a manager. If we attack the reasons and make the procedures simple, we prevent the user from going to the manager. The best way is to make the procedures simple, transparent and fast, “he said.

He stressed that the idea is to progressively end the bourgeois culture of customer service, inherited from the governments of the Fourth Republic, which obstructs and hinders the procedures of the population.

«The new model that we want to strengthen in the institutions is the socialist, humanist model, which allows all citizens to carry out their paperwork with simple, easy and transparent processes. The promotion of the culture of good faith is important. Users must always be well cared for ».

For this reason, he pointed out that among the actions that will be carried out to achieve this end is the creation of a unique technological platform to streamline procedures, the implementation of a 0-800 telephone line and the elimination of unnecessary requirements in the processing.

The platform, he explained, will allow “all institutions to interoperate and instead of requesting a procedure or a requirement from a citizen, that the same institution provided it digitally, because this is where the alcabala is, where the people he is forced to pay a manager.

«We estimate that in about two years the history of public management in Venezuela will be different, we are going to convert 30 million cell phones into offices, that in each phone with a simple text message a procedure can be activated, that each computer also serves for this, “he added.

Via Venezuelan News Agency.

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