In Venezuela they authorize the use of firearms against ...

In Venezuela they authorize the use of firearms against …

January 29, 2015

The norms on the performance of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in public meetings and demonstrations were established in resolution 008610, of Official Gazette 40,589, dated January 27, 2015.

Progressive and Differentiated Use of Force. The use of force by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, civil servants and military officials in procedures aimed at guaranteeing public order, social peace and citizen coexistence in public meetings and demonstrations, is governed by the principles of legality, necessity and proportionality, use of the progressive scale based on resistance and opposition, monitoring, supervision, training and wide dissemination of manuals, always maintaining the lowest level of use of force possible to achieve the proposed objective.

The dose of force to be applied must take into account a progression in the behavior of the people and the proportionality with each of the degrees of intensity, so that between the deterrence and the reaction the force is graduated starting from the ostensive presence even the use of the firearm. The civil servants and military officials must use the lowest possible level of force to achieve the entrusted purpose.

via In Gazette rules of action of the Fanb in public meetings and demonstrations.

“Cursed is the Soldier who points the arms of the Republic against his people.”

Simon Bolivar

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