In Venezuela, telephone users have a rela ...

In Venezuela, telephone users have a rela …

March 6, 2015

The quality of the telephone service in the country is critically evaluated by a large number of users, according to the results of the first online survey on quality of service, carried out by the National Telecommunications Commission.

The instrument, which collected through the Conatel portal the opinions of users of the telephone service, between October 29, 2014 and February 4, 2015, aimed to collect information on the experience of telephone service , both fixed and mobile.

Its main result is a relevant level of dissatisfaction among the 1,826 participating people.

The experience with the use of the service is one of the aspects that respondents most resent, since 54% report frequent problems when using the service, while 42% report sporadic problems, which leaves only 4 % trouble free.

Accordingly, 44% classify the telephone service as regular, 18% classify it as bad and 9% indicate it as very bad, which when grouped together reveals that 71% of the sample has a very critical view of it. vital sector for telecommunications.

These two trends are ratified by user satisfaction levels, the highest percentage of which, 32% of opinions, refers to little satisfaction with the service received, which together with the 7% who declare feeling not at all satisfied, places us in a scenario of 39% moderate or acute dissatisfaction.

Source: Conatel

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