In Venezuela: Revolutionary Censorship Turns Int ...

In Venezuela: Revolutionary Censorship Turns Int …

February 14, 2014

censoredCensorship seems to have acquired a useful dimension for the national government. In the last 15 years, the Executive has worked to corner dissident media companies, while strengthening the pro-ruling party.

The most recent: Conatel threatens to sanction those who broadcast street protests called by the opposition. The result: A proven self-censorship that leaves the Venezuelan audience with social networks and international television as the only windows of instant information.

Only 10 months after President Nicolás Maduro took power, unions, NGOs, communication scientists and politicians have warned of the attack on the media. The problems of importing paper, the purchase of media companies, the control of television content and the reformulation of regulatory bodies presage the new communication policy that is being undertaken from Miraflores.

via Diario La Verdad – Revolutionary censorship.

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