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In Venezuela: More than 60 thousand users without mobile service …

April 4, 2017

During this Tuesday, vandalism has been reported at Digitel stations in Bejuma, Tinaco and Valera, which has left a large part of the population of those areas without mobile service from the operator. In all cases, power cables were removed as well as general damage to the entire infrastructure of the antenna: transformers, power equipment, batteries, etc.

Image by Dylan Law via Shutterstock

Digitel is in the different vulnerable points to quantify the material losses within its stations and at the same time is working to restore the service in the next few hours, given that the affectation reaches more than 60 thousand customers. Monthly, around 60 stations are attacked throughout the national territory, which makes raising and putting them into service uphill, since the replacement of spare parts and the acquisition of the necessary infrastructure implies time and requires strong investments.

To shovel these types of acts, which are becoming more frequent throughout the country, Digitel invites its clients to be attentive to any irregular situation, near or within the stations that provide coverage to the areas and to report to the competent authorities any act that harms the permanence of the telephone service, which represents a public service and a necessity at the time of an emergency or any unforeseen event.

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