In Venezuela: Free online course aimed at new ...

In Venezuela: Free online course aimed at new …

March 19, 2014

Woman at computerISOC global and the Venezuelan chapter of the Internet Society, an international organization dedicated to ensuring that the Internet remains open and transparent for users, announced that starting this week and for a month, the application process to opt for the online course will remain open: “Shaping the Internet: History and Future”;which is scheduled to begin the third week of April.

“It is a course that provides a comprehensive view of the Internet and its environment. The objective is to provide current and useful information to participants committed to the free and sustainable growth of the Internet. Hence, we carry out a strict selection process and have a limited number of places. For six months, attendees will delve into the history of the Internet, its antecedents, current governance, politics and diplomacy, among other topics. The course is free and will be conducted online, through our e-learning platform, ”explained Vyria M. Paselk, Director of ISOC’s Internet Leadership Program.

Since 2009, the Internet Society, ISOC, has carried out workshops and online courses around the world, in which public officials, businessmen, activists, journalists, students and the general public participate, with interest and sensitivity in Internet-related matters. The programs are designed to help individuals advance in their careers and enhance their opportunities to become local, regional, and international leaders within the Internet community.

To take the course “Shaping the Internet: history and future” you must be Venezuelan, have an interest in Internet-related matters; knowledge and experience in the multi-stakeholder approach to international affairs; have a professional background and / or work and / or academic experience associated with the Internet field; have facility for writing as well as for the preparation of summaries and regular Internet access.

“The most important thing is to have the commitment of the participants, it is essential that they have a minimum of 8 hours of work per week during each thematic block (there are four). The application process is very simple, it is done through this link ”, stressed Paselk.

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