In Venezuela: First list of telecommunications equipment ...

In Venezuela: First list of telecommunications equipment …

February 11, 2015

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) publishes a new list of brands and models of equipment and devices recently approved and certified for use within the telecommunications networks operating in the national territory

List of Brands and Models of Approved Equipment and Devices as of January 31, 2015

In total, 52 new telecommunications devices were approved on January 31, 2015, in order to guarantee the integrity and quality of telecommunications networks, the radio spectrum and the safety of users, users, operators and third parties.

The new equipment includes digital transceivers, devices for wireless personal network (WPAN), devices for wireless local network (WLAN), low-power remote control devices, cell phones, data routers, among others.

Equipment approved or certified by internationally recognized entities or organizations, in the opinion of Conatel, will not be required to be approved or certified again in Venezuela.

via Conatel

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