In Venezuela: EPA Develops Dating Website For ...

In Venezuela: EPA Develops Dating Website For …

February 18, 2015

In order to provide its customers with more comfort, the network of home improvement stores made available to interested parties a web page for the acquisition of the material, which allows the purchase of up to 10 bags per month

Since November, EPA has made a special website available to its customers, in which those interested in purchasing cement can register and request an appointment to purchase the material without having to queue in stores.

At the address the client only has to enter their personal data, such as name, surname and identity card and select the store of their choice. Once this is done, the system automatically assigns you a date to buy up to a maximum of 10 bags of cement per month. After this period, the client can request a new appointment.

When the day scheduled for the appointment arrives, the holder of the application must attend the previously selected store with his laminated ID, and there, after canceling the cement, he can proceed to remove it. In case of needing transportation and caletero, they must be borne by the client.

It should be noted that the availability of appointments is subject to the cement inventory handled by each store.

To date, through the web portal, a total of 174,000 customers have benefited from the purchase of cement in our stores.

For 22 years, EPA has been the preferred option of Venezuelans when building, decorating and remodeling their homes due to the low prices it offers, thanks to its purchase volumes, logistical efficiency and adherence to the law.

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