In Venezuela: Biometric system must be installed ...

In Venezuela: Biometric system must be installed …

August 22, 2014

The Superintendent of Fair Prices, Andrés Eloy Méndez, reported this Thursday that on November 30 of this year all public and private power networks in the country must have the biometric supply system installed.

This system, which will be implemented through fingerprint pickers, will reduce repeated purchases of products by the same user, which could be destined for smuggling or the informal economy.

“On November 30, all supermarkets and hypermarkets in the country must have a fingerprint collector, which allows verifying the amount of purchases, with this a fair distribution and attack the bachaqueo,” he said during the inspection of the Makro hypermarket chain.

He added that there will be sufficient availability in the products of the basic basket that Venezuelans require. “It will be above the margins of family need.”

via The biometric system must be installed in “all supermarkets” before 30-N.

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