In Venezuela: Anonymous has hacked more than 60 ports ...

In Venezuela: Anonymous has hacked more than 60 ports …

February 17, 2014

Anonymous Venezuela

The Government of Venezuela denounced that 61 websites of official institutions have been attacked by the Anonymous movement in the last 48 hours, sites from which cyber hackers have extracted data and carried out procedures in what it described as part of a “computer war”. Venezuela’s Minister of Science and Technology, Manuel Fernández, told the state channel VTV. “

Fernández said that “the most aggressive attack” was made last night against the portal of the state Currency Administration Commission (Cadivi), which until recently was in charge of delivering preferential dollars to companies and individuals, what the minister attributed to a ” economic war »that is waged against the Government.

He indicated that there have been four types of attacks and that the most frequent have been “denial of services” and “disfigurement.”

via Anonymous has hacked more than 60 government portals | Latest News from Venezuela and the World News Channel.

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