In Machiques -Venezuela- they inaugurate seismological station ...

In Machiques -Venezuela- they inaugurate seismological station …

October 16, 2014

The Venezuelan Foundation for Seismological Research, an entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology, inaugurated a new satellite seismological station, located in the “Cacique Macoa” military fort, in the Machiques de Perijá municipality, Zulia state, with the objective of expanding the National Seismological Network.

The seismological station was installed by specialists in Electronic Instrumentation and Seismic Engineering and is made up of a satellite antenna (with transmitter and receiver), a photovoltaic regulator, a broadband seismometer, a GPS and four solar panels.

The satellite seismological stations of Funvisis are located around the main geological faults of the country (Boconó, San Sebastián and El Pilar).

This new station is part of the National Seismological Network, now made up of 37 seismological stations, connected through the Simón Bolívar satellite, which allows earthquakes to be calculated automatically.

In this sense, Aura Fernández, president of Funvisis, indicated “with the work of our technical and administrative staff, and the support of the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, we have installed this new station that comes to densify the National Seismological Service, which allows us to have even more precise data on the magnitude and location of earthquakes at the national level, as well as to make this information known to the entire population in a timely manner.

Additionally, Fernández, announced “we hope to have two additional stations before the end of 2014. It is important to make a call to the general population, to take care of these stations that are in remote places and are of great importance for the security of the nation. ».

The Machiques seismological station is part of the Expansion and Update Program of the National Seismological Service, financed by the Organic Law of Science, Technology and Innovation, through the National Fund for Science, Technology and Innovation.

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