In Latin America 45% of drinking water is lost to ...

In Latin America 45% of drinking water is lost to …

March 21, 2015

Latin America concentrates 31% of the fresh water reserve available in the world; However, the World Bank has estimated that 45% of the water in the region is lost before reaching the final consumer and the United Nations Organization warns that 35 million people do not have access to drinking water in Latin America.

Within the framework of World Water Day, which is commemorated on March 22, General Electric reinforces its commitment to the sustainable development of the countries where it operates and the protection of the environment as a key part of its business strategy.

Regarding the consumption of this resource, Carla Casanova, Manager of GE Water and Process Technologies for Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Central America, warns: “Water is a resource present in all industrial processes and in the daily life of communities, for Therefore, it is imperative to work in alliances between the public, private and citizen sectors in order to promote the use of efficient technologies and sustainable practices for the treatment and reuse of water, as well as the execution of educational programs and awareness campaigns on the use of water. responsible for water resources. “

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