European Union hits the brakes on Uber

In Colombia they order the immobilization of Uber vehicles

January 13, 2015

Uber-TaxiBy an order of the Superintendency of Ports and Transportation, issued on December 30 of last year, the transport authorities of the cities are obliged to “apply the measures aimed at the immobilization of private and public service vehicles that provide unauthorized service. through the Uber platform ”in Colombia, according to RCN Radio this Tuesday.

The measure, according to Portafolio, is “mandatory compliance” and will cause “administrative actions” to entities that do not comply. In addition, according to El Tiempo, the Superintendency will ask the city traffic authorities to periodically report the lists of operations and immobilized vehicles. The vehicles will be taken to the ‘patios’ and their drivers will be fined.

via Authorities order to immobilize Uber vehicles in Colombia • ENTER.CO.

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