In [Audio] ESET antivirus tour and the evolution of ...

In [Audio] ESET antivirus tour and the evolution of …

October 21, 2014

eset_mobilesecurity_androidTo make students aware of malicious code, ESET has always been concerned with bringing Education to the entire region. That is why company professionals regularly attend the most prestigious educational institutions in order to implement awareness talks on malicious code and Computer Security. Renato De Gouveia, Sales Manager, commented that the Antivirus Tour is called Android: Chronology of Mobile Malware; which will be taking place from Monday 20 to Wednesday October 22.

Listen to the interview with Camilo Gutiérrez from ESET Latin America on the evolution of Android malware

The Antivirus Tour started at the New Professions University Institute, then on Tuesday 21 at 2:00 pm, in the Dr. Tobías Lasser Auditorium, School of Sciences, University City of the Central University of Venezuela, on Wednesday 22 in the Hall of multiple uses of the Alejandro Humboldt University at 8:00 am and later to close the cycle in Room A2 002, Terrazas del Ávila Urbanization at the Metropolitan University at 3:00 pm.

De Gouveia, ESET Sales Manager, commented that the idea of ​​the talks is to let people know that the Microsoft Windows platform is not the only one that is attacked, since there are other technologies such as Android, which they are not considered to be totally safe.

Nowadays, Smartphones and tablets are already an essential tool for both users and companies. Among the different options, Android is consolidated as the most widely used platform of presence in the market. This behavior helps malicious code developers pay more and more attention to it, causing the number of malware families and variants to grow dramatically from year to year. On the other hand, the event aims to show the evolution of threats for Android, the qualities that these platforms have and some recommendations to prevent it, either on mobile phones or tablets. And as part of the novelties, they will make a live demonstration of a botnet controlled through a mobile device that allows other Smartphones to intervene remotely.

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