IBM speeds up your file transfer with the comp ...

IBM speeds up your file transfer with the comp …

December 26, 2013

Aspera, based in California, has created a technology, called “fasp” to transfer large files over a public network, faster than those transmitted via basic TCP.

IBM says fasp reduces the time it takes to send a 24GB file globally, from 26 hours to less than a minute. In addition, it has software for the encryption of files before they are sent, to guarantee their security.

The entertainment industry is a heavy user of Aspera’s technology, and many television networks, film and animation studios use the protocol to send large files of digital video from one location to another. The company even won an Emmy Award for fasp, in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.

IBM will use Aspera technology in several of its offerings. Customers of the company’s SmartCloud products and services can use fasp to accelerate the transfer of large amounts of data to the cloud. The software will also add to the IBM e-Commerce portfolio to offer businesses additional controls over their business-to-business file transfers.

via IBM Accelerates Your File Transfer with the Purchase of Aspera | APPLICATIONS | PCWorld.

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