IBM exits the semiconductor business

IBM exits the semiconductor business

October 20, 2014

According to the IBM press release, GlobalFoundries will take over the entire IBM infrastructure related to semiconductors, including the intellectual property of the Power architecture, one of the longest-lived on the market (it was born in the 80s) and which had its great success a decade ago, with the PowerPCs. Also the IBM factories in East Fishkill, New York, Essex Junction and Vermont will now pass into the hands of GlobalFoundries, as well as all the work team except a part, which will continue in IBM. They have not provided specific data on the number of workers who will move to the new company.

GlobalFoundries will go on to manufacture the processors in its own factories, although IBM will continue to conduct research on semiconductors. The agreement is such that for the next 10 years, GlobalFoundries will have the exclusive right to supply 22, 14 and 10 nanometer processors to IBM.

IBM pays for the ‘sale’ of its semiconductor business. At no time have we referred to the operation as a sale by IBM, since it really is not such. IBM will pay GlobalFoundries $ 1.5 billion to continue its product development.

via IBM no longer has a semiconductor business, the hot potato goes to GlobalFoundries.

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