IBM and Twitter Announce Analysis Collaboration ...

IBM and Twitter Announce Analysis Collaboration …

October 31, 2014

The alliance between IBM and Twitter has been announced in tandem by the respective CEOs of both companies, Dick Costolo and Ginni Rometty in a joint event in which the three points on which they will collaborate from now on have been explained.

In the first place, the data generated by Twitter will be integrated into IBM analysis tools such as Watson Analytics in addition to being added to BlueMix, the IBM Cloud for applications in order to allow companies to develop analysis of said data in their studies of market.

In addition, IBM will develop new applications for companies that want to make use of the data provided by Twitter to allow them to achieve a greater bond with their customers.

Finally, IBM will train 10,000 consultants to develop custom applications for different companies that use data from Twitter.

The ultimate purpose is to help companies make strategic decisions after analyzing the big data that emerged on Twitter.

via IBM and Twitter Announce Business Data Analytics Collaboration – The Inquirer ES.

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