I have phantom vibration syndrome but not m ...

I have phantom vibration syndrome but not m …

November 3, 2014

Some of the readers may have experienced the sensation of the mobile vibrating in their pocket, and when they went to check the call, there was really nothing to check. The cell phone hadn’t vibrated. In some cases, the mobile was not even in the pocket! If so, there is not much to worry about. We are part of the 80% of the population that has suffered this effect on some occasion. Others, the least, even hear it ringing without ringing.

These events have such bombastic names as phantom vibration syndrome or ringing syndrome, and technically they are hallucinations, since they occur without the presence of a stimulus. Should we treat ourselves psychologically? No, at least not for this. Rather, these hallucinations are proof that our neurological and stimulus systems are working properly.

via I have phantom vibration syndrome, but nothing is wrong with me.

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