Huawei will sponsor a Colombian soccer team

January 22, 2015

Huawei announced its alliance with the capital’s Santa Fe team. The Chinese multinational continues with its strategy of allying with soccer teams to continue increasing the recognition of its brand. They are already allied with great teams in different parts of the world and now they have come to Colombia to sponsor the first and last local soccer champion. The agreement is for two years and implies that the Huawei logo is on the Santa Fe shirt, on his shorts, on the website and even on the bus.

During the official presentation we also saw the Huawei logo on the archers’ clothing and on some training garments. The ‘red express’ tickets will also be emblazoned with the mark. The Chinese company assured that it will hold marketing events and promotional activities for fans of Santa Fe and Huawei.

via Huawei will be the sponsor of Santa Fe for two years • ENTER.CO.

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