Huawei abandons Microsoft because according to them «nadi ...

Huawei abandons Microsoft because according to them «nadi …

December 1, 2014

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone, is considered a viable alternative in a market led by far by Android -of Google- and carried with sufficient force by iOS. However, Nokia already warned several months before being bought – its mobile division – by Microsoft, that the Redmond company pays little attention to hardware manufacturers.

And as for little attention we mean, Nokia referred at the time, that they do not advance at the same rate, with their software, as manufacturers with the hardware of smartphones.

This slowness of Microsoft to accommodate its symbiosis with the brands that use the Windows Phone mobile operating system translates into the reduced market share that they currently hold globally.

via Huawei abandons Microsoft, “nobody makes money with Windows Phone.”

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