HTTP / 2 is the biggest Internet change since 1999

HTTP / 2 is the biggest Internet change since 1999

February 18, 2015

The new standard, known as HTTP / 2 has been successfully completed and has started its journey to be officially published in a short time. Actually, it is a substantial improvement that we will notice when we surf the Internet, being the biggest change since the aforementioned 1999 version. This standard brings improvements to the Web such as faster page loading, active connections for a longer time or better handling in cases of many simultaneous accesses to a page.

HTTP / 2 uses the same parameters as the current version that developers are familiar with, but adds more additional functionality that can be implemented. One of the most outstanding is the fact that a web page does not get blocked when receiving many connections to it. In addition, the new standard places a lower load on servers. Security is also superior in this new version.

via HTTP / 2 is here, the Internet’s biggest change since 1999.

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