HP will start charging for firmware updates ...

HP will start charging for firmware updates …

February 10, 2014

hp proliantHP has for years offered a series of “low-end” servers for small and medium-sized businesses. An example is the HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L, which sold for less than $ 300. As noted on ZDNet, this server had a severe incompatibility issue with Windows Server 2012 R2 (and Windows 8.1), and only a firmware update that appeared in mid-November 2013 corrected the issue.

This delay in the appearance of a solution now means that the first buyers of those servers – which have a one-year guarantee – are left without a guarantee and, therefore, without free access to that important update. Unless they contracted an extended support plan, of course, which is apparently what HP is trying to do with this measure. These service packages cost between $ 125 and $ 200, which is a significant price increase for a serious defect that theoretically should have been corrected at no cost to the owners.

The move, of course, has drawn criticism from HP users and customers, who will now have to pay for solutions to problems that are the responsibility of HP, and not the customers. In this company they try to clarify that the measure is in line with other manufacturers in this segment, but the comparisons are not exactly consistent.

via HP will start charging for firmware updates on servers.

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