How to move from Windows XP to Linux after the end of s ...

How to move from Windows XP to Linux after the end of s …

April 9, 2014

linux windowsOfficial Windows XP support has ended. It is not about anything, Microsoft’s platform will forever remain in the memory of many as one of the most stable, easy to use and lightweight that we have seen in a long time. It is so much so that several organizations worldwide, including some countries, have reached agreements with the company to continue extending their support in exchange for going through the box.

Unfortunately that is a particular situation for companies, and it will not be the case for everyone. So the time has come to make the big leap to a new platform, and since you have decided to make the change, why not take advantage of and install a Linux distribution.

Some Linux distributions are designed to be very light, easy to use, and surprisingly stable, just what we liked so much about Windows XP.

via How to go from Windows XP to Linux, after the end of official support.

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