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July 17, 2014

Bad grades, changes in social and family behavior and an obsession to be connected are warning signs of the abuse of technology in adolescents, according to various experts who participated in the 1st Conference “ICT in adolescence: from use to abuse”. organized by the La Luz Clinic in Madrid.

One of the coordinators of the meeting, Carlos González Navajas, has reported that the consultations are attended by boys “obsessed” with being connected, who do not turn off the device at night and who alter their daily activities to use, more and more, the mobile , the console or the PC.

In addition, he continues, when they are not in contact with the devices they become irritable and have mood swings, something that calms down when they are reconnected. Therefore, in his opinion, it is not surprising that their sleep and eating rhythms are altered by hyperadiction and increased excitability.

via How to detect the abuse of technologies in adolescents – Faro de Vigo.

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