How to detect if the mobile you are going to buy is a ...

How to detect if the mobile you are going to buy is a …

October 27, 2014

A Samsung Galaxy S5 for less than $ 120? Keep believing that you will become a crayon.

Let’s see how to detect this type of counterfeit, which can give us a scare by making us buy a completely different device from the original. Although on the outside it may seem identical at first glance, these are the keys that can make us suspicious.

Where we can most quickly notice the counterfeits is on the screen of the devices, which in the case of the Amoled is obvious (the LCDs they replace them with are usually of poor quality). Of course also inside, introducing low-end MediaTek chips or even falsifying the software section, saying that it carries a version of Android that it does not include.

Be wary of who you buy from and watch out for ‘too good’ deals

But sometimes there are even those who get rid of these phones in the second-hand market, and try to pass them off as the original phones. In fact, we should avoid, or at least assume, these types of sellers and stores without guarantees or possibility of return.

As in almost everything, common sense rules, and it is better to be attentive if we do not want to fall into the trap. If they sell us the latest HTC and it is suspiciously close to weighing a pound, or has a different feel, more errors than normal, smaller batteries or processors that do not measure up, let us be suspicious.

via How to detect if the mobile you are going to buy is a fake.

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