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How to capture an entire web page

August 17, 2014

If you have ever been in the situation of wanting to capture a complete web page, but you realize that the tool you have to take screenshots is only capable of doing it within the resolution of your monitor, it is likely that you have felt somewhat frustrated.

I must confess that before deciding to look for a tool like the ones that I will show you below, the first thing that occurred to me in my silly head was to reduce the size of the text and the elements of the site to be able to capture the largest possible portion of a web , everything that falls within the visible space of my screen. This is not only a very succinct way to solve the problem, it creates another: the image quality is terrible and nothing is legible.

There are several ways to take a snapshot of an entire web page, and to please as many users as possible, we are going to present you with alternatives that are compatible with various browsers and operating systems.

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