How the kilometer sequence plan of Bi ...

How the kilometer sequence plan of Bi …

February 24, 2015

Mexican director Emmanuel Lubezki has recently been awarded an Oscar for his photography in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film. Birdman’s sequence shot is unique throughout the film, leading the viewer to believe that the film was shot using a single shot. But how was it possible to do this?

The answer is quite simple (and obvious to some), Birdman’s sequence shot is bogus. To do this, different resources found in the scene have had to be used very skillfully.

The camera attached to the protagonist’s back, a moment of darkness, a pan where we see the blurred image or even a movement where the frame of a door is crossed, are some of the tricks used to, at that moment, cut the plane and link it with another engraving later.

As revealed by Lubezki himself, some shots even lasted 15 minutes, which is an achievement of synchronization between the elements that make up all the recorded scenery.

via How the Birdman Sequence Shot Was Made.

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