How does the curious device of only $ 160 that ...

How does the curious device of only $ 160 that …

March 21, 2015

Mobile unlocking is as old a business as the phones themselves. But the techniques to do it are being perfected more and more. An example is this machine known as IP Box that unlocks iPhones even if they come configured with the option to erase data after 10 attempts. How?

The security company MDSec has been testing one of these devices to find out how it works. It can be purchased online from just $ 160 and allows brute force guessing of an iPhone’s initial PIN code, that is, by trying all possible combinations of numbers. You just have to connect the iPhone to the device via USB.

The novelty is that it works even if the phone had activated the function of deleting all data after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter the PIN. According to MDSec, the IP Box is capable of cutting off the mobile power supply just after an unsuccessful attempt to guess the PIN, so it can be trying passwords indefinitely until it hits the right one.

via How a $ 160 Device Works to Unlock iPhones.

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