How a brand can have a successful presence in the ...

How a brand can have a successful presence in the …

May 8, 2014

How to establish the presence of a brand in the digital world and how to plan the content to be shared on social networks to get new customers and retain existing ones, is part of the content of the Basic Community Manager Workshop held in Caracas.

Listen to the interview with the workshop facilitator, Carola Biceño Peña, Social Media Manager of Diario Las Américas, the main and oldest Spanish-speaking media outlet in Miami.

Briceño Peña has 20 years of experience in journalism, 8 of which are dedicated to the digital area, she is also the creator of the virtual communities of collaboration and learning Community Manager Venezuela (@CmVzla) and Venezuelan Journalists, she was an ambassador for Community Managers Latin America, facilitator workshops on Social Media and lecturer in the area.

The training activity, organized by Community Manager Venezuela and Desarrollos Altagamma, is aimed at communication, advertising and marketing professionals and students and all those interested in venturing into the exciting world of social media.

With this activity, sponsored by ASAP and Metricla, the workshops will be able to learn about the Community Manager trade, their responsibilities and the tools to use. You will also learn about the tactics to build active communities and how to define in which social networks a brand should have a presence.

They will also learn about the main and most used social networks and how to take advantage of their full potential for companies.

For more information, write to [email protected] or call: 0416-2224039 Date: Saturday, May 10, 2014 Time: 8 am to 5 pm Place: Conindustria (Chuao)

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