Honda's ASIMO robot is now smarter, more skilled and ...

Honda’s ASIMO robot is now smarter, more skilled and …

July 17, 2014

Honda's ASIMO robot is now smarter, cleverer and more likable

After almost two decades of life, its latest update has been presented today with interesting news, among which we highlight its new face.

The Japanese robot has always maintained a continuous line of design that has allowed us to become familiar with it and recognize it immediately. On this occasion we can forget about his one-piece black front, since they have drawn him a smile and a pair of very large eyes.

In addition to appearance there are improvements in ASIMO’s artificial intelligence, capable of predicting movements and acting accordingly, such as moving away if something is directed towards him. It is also faster, since its new legs are capable of running at a speed of 9 kilometers per hour. You can see it in motion in the following video:

via Honda makes your ASIMO robot smarter and more skilled, it brings you a smile.

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