Home routers expose big carriers ...

Home routers expose big carriers …

April 9, 2014

cisco_wap4410n_wireless_n_access_point_poeA simple attack can create tens of Gigabits of traffic to disrupt the networks of operators, company websites and individuals anywhere in the world.

Nominum’s research reveals:

  • More than 24 million “home” routers on the Internet have open DNS proxies that expose operators to DNS-based DDoS attacks
  • In February 2014, more than 5.3 million of these routers were used to generate attack traffic
  • During an attack in January 2014, more than 70% of the total DNS traffic on an operator’s network was associated with amplified attacks via DNS.
  • DNS is by far the most popular protocol for launching amplification attacks, with four times as many amplifiers as the next four protocols combined including NTP.

via Home Routers Expose Large Carriers to Massive DDoS Attacks | TI newspaper.

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