Visa wants you to make purchases from the car or even ...

High Density No. 680 [Video]

November 13, 2014

Program topics:

  • Checkout is VISA’s new bet for payments on the Internet
  • How to detect the abuse of technologies in adolescents
  • With this app you will no longer queue to pay
  • The FBI considers autonomous vehicles a “deadly weapon”
  • Honda’s ASIMO robot is now smarter, cleverer and more likable
  • 3D printing will be a great ally for medical students
  • Music is also 3D printed
  • New Epson robot for industrial production is capable of feeling, thinking and making decisions
  • Shakira is the queen of Facebook with 100 million friends
  • If you use Dropbox your privacy is in danger according to Edward Snowden
  • All the covers of the written press from all over the world in one place
  • A website that recalls the public promises of the Venezuelan rulers

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