High Density No. 679 [Video]

High Density No. 679 [Video]

November 12, 2014

Program topics:

  • Two smartphones landing in the region
  • The number of cyber scams that rely on the rumors of the iPhone 6 grows
  • Adobe alerts about a security hole in Flash
  • They discover three new security flaws in Siri
  • Oracle Releases Critical Patch for 113 Security Vulnerabilities
  • New readers for copying cards at ATMs are almost undetectable
  • Germany turns to typewriters to avoid being spied on
  • A mobile messaging application that allows you to delete the entire conversation with just one click
  • An adventure made in Venezuela about a purple cat and a lot of fluff arrives on Google Play
  • 5 tips for choosing a tablet for children
  • Cool, free games to enjoy in your browser

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