High Density No. 677 [Video]

July 27, 2014

Program topics: ⁃ Android definitely wants to jump to other markets beyond the phone⁃ Google is rushing to make its new Android L available to developers⁃ Fit will be your “super” personal trainer that will keep track of all your physical activity⁃ This is how the Moto works 360⁃ Samsung maintains its saga of minis with the Galaxy S5⁃ The electronic book is consolidated as the format preferred by readers⁃ They arrest a thief who left his Facebook profile open in the house that he entered to rob⁃ The cars will recognize us for our faces and gestures⁃ These are the airplane seats you will want for your next flight⁃ Google already has its own Android-based console⁃ FIFA 15 shows some of its graphical improvements in a new video⁃ Great and free games to enjoy on your browser

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