High Density No. 676 [Video]

High Density No. 676 [Video]

July 20, 2014

Program topics:

⁃ 3D without glasses for smartphones⁃ The “new” Nokia does not abandon Android and launches the X2 (We thought so) ⁃ BlackBerry will nurture its ecosystem with more than 200,000 Android apps⁃ The Earth’s magnetic north is moving towards Siberia⁃ A map with lightning strikes the world in real time⁃ Internet users demand privacy but do not protect their data⁃ Governments of South America and the US are using a powerful hacking tool made in Italy⁃ Harley-Davidson “electrifies” its fans with new model that will not use gasoline⁃ Tesla Motors opens its patents to drive the adoption of the electric car⁃ Colombia launches application to identify abandoned public works⁃ A game controller for iPhone that will not bother you in your pocket⁃ A TV ad for the Xbox One is turning on video game consoles by accident⁃ Apps with which Colombia goes out to conquer millions of tourists

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