High Density No. 672 [Video]

High Density No. 672 [Video]

June 21, 2014

Program topics:

Surface Pro 3Surface Pro 3 the tablet that wants to be a laptop⁃ The craze for action cameras is to record 360-degree panoramas⁃ Failure in iCloud allows hackers to remotely lock Apple devices and then ask for ransom⁃ Android KitKat now available for some Xperia and LG ⁃ Iran now blocks access to Instagram⁃ A bug in Android allows users to be remotely eavesdropped through the phone’s camera⁃ Alerts of a Trojan for Android that threatens its victims with going to jail⁃ Paul McCartney dances with a robot in its new music video⁃ Queen will release a new album with unreleased songs sung by Freddie Mercury thanks to technology⁃ Nokia uses 50 of its Lumia 1020s to recreate the Matrix effect⁃ Digitally resurrect Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 7 will cost 50 million ⁃ Three applications to help cell phone addicts

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